Cost of a Marathon

If you happen to Google “China” or “Olympics” on any given day in current months, except the few weeks China Marathon was stricken by lethal earthquakes, you will be overwhelmed by the bathe of adverse protection from the mainstream Western media against China and its internet hosting of 2008 Beijing Olympics.

For months leading as much as the Beijing Games, China has been put below the Western microscope with accusations and complaints in opposition to the country and its authorities sweeping throughout all terrains, from large political issues resembling Tibet, human rights, protest rights, press and spiritual freedom; to social issues including air air pollution, authorities relocation of Beijing residents; to conspiracy stories about special visual results of the opening ceremony and ultra performance of Chinese athletes; and to extra trivial displeasures about shedding a pair of costly sun shades, difficulties to entry Olympic Green, English commonplace of volunteers, and over-eagerness of residents to help the foreigner guests. The listing goes on and on.

As if that’s not enough, an NBC correspondent went on a dwell TV hunt for Chinese language foods in Beijing. Let’s take a look at what she discovered: big scorpions, lizards, silk worms, seahorses, iguana tails and dung beetles. Different Western reportors additionally cited rabbit head, pig mind and animal penis. Being a local of Beijing with 20 plus years of residing there and a meals lover myself, I’ve little data where to look for these exotic issues, to not mention ever eating them. Come on, China has a civilization of 5,000 years – Western reporters cannot be significantly eager about portraying the Chinese as barbaric aboriginals or man-consuming cannibals, right?

Actually, Dave Barry of Miami Herald admitted to a blog “” that “The Chinese language individuals I noticed all appeared to be buying things like lamb kebabs and fruit. On the other hand, the people gathered around the centipedes and scorpions on a stick have been, in virtually each case, tourists or American TV reporters doing fun options on weird Chinese food…. The Chinese language don’t eat scorpions. They feed their scorpions to TV reporters. I would not be stunned to be taught that the Chinese word for scorpion is “TV reporter food.”

2016 TCS New York City Marathon runners from China from runbuk on Vimeo.

Granted, China is not utterly harmless from many of the aforementioned allegations and criticisms, but it is neither an evil host which deserves no credit score at all. Because the world’s fastest growing economy and one of many world’s most historic civilizations, there has acquired to be something constructive to report on.

You might be easily annoyed, nonetheless, if you’re trying to learn something extra constructive or, at least, constructive about the country and its hospitable folks. Positive, there may be all the time the official Xinhua Information or China Every day one can learn for a change, however any reward from self-proclaimed unbiased and goal mainstream Western media is surprisingly laborious to come back by.

In the meantime, for common Westerners, it’s arduous not to be misled by the drowning detrimental protection on China. A homemaker within the US told reporters that she does not want to “legitimize the Chinese language government” by supporting the Beijing Olympics.” Didn’t President Bush just open a much bigger US Embassy there? What are we talking about right here exactly? I’m as puzzled as an Atlanta man who demanded a web based reply for not seeing Russian tanks there.

As a lot as I disagree with President George W. Bush on many things, I’ve to applaud his recent TV interview in Beijing with NBC during which he careworn that the US and China as two very different nations and cultures are sure to have agreements and disagreements on a range of issues, however you will need to have a constructive relationship which is able to assist one another talk disagreements.

Wow, how I want that he had possessed this wisdom earlier than beginning the Iraq war – lives of estimated 1.2 million Iraqis and 5,000 US troopers might have been saved.

Should the 2008 Olympics be awarded to Beijing in the first place?

Though the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games is developing in a matter of few days, the arguments surrounding if IOC had made a mistake in letting China host the 2008 Olympics and if China had fulfilled its related guarantees appear to have simply began.

Why choose a closely-polluted nation that is dictated by “free market Stalinists” which suppresses human rights, faith and press? China broke its guarantees to IOC for all of those areas, prices the mainstream Western media.

Nevertheless, according to the IOC, its mission is “to construct a peaceable and higher world in the Olympic Spirit which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play – Olympic Spirit strives to inspire and inspire the youth of the world to be the very best they can be via instructional and entertaining interactive challenges. Olympic Spirit seeks to instill and develop the values and ideals of Olympism in those that go to and to promote tolerance and understanding in these more and more troubled time in which we dwell, to make our world a more peaceful place.”

Beijing International Marathon

Does China should be awarded the internet hosting right of Olympics? Apparently, the Chinese individuals stated a loud “sure”. The entire world witnessed how a lot grass-root assist China received from its individuals when it applied for and gained the internet hosting right of the event.

As a country with more than one fifth of the world’s inhabitants – should it not be given a chance to host one of the many video games? With 1.three billion people not represented, can any Olympic Games truly promote its mission of “building a peaceful and higher world with mutual understanding”? That is why the IOC made its choice and it is undoubtedly a correct one.

By comparability, I’ve severe doubts if the mainstream Western media actually understands and honors the spirit of Olympics – questioning China’s legitimacy to host such a world occasion only gives away its conceitedness, self-righteousness, entitlement and cultural supremacy in international affairs.

If the mainstream Western media continues to be the true believer of human rights and continues to uphold the common belief that “all males are created equal”, it ought to acknowledge the birthright of any country including China, for internet hosting the Olympic Games.

While China wants improvements in many areas as every different country on this earth does, the modifications and progresses made by the country prior to now 30 years are unmatched in the its own history, which can’t be hidden from view by the mainstream Western media.

China shouldn’t be pressured to make any concessions or guarantees to any curiosity groups with a purpose to be “bestowed” the internet hosting proper of Olympics, due to the downfall of colonialism and imperialism! The country’s pursuit of reform in all home political and social-economic fronts, including but not restricted to human rights and freedoms of its folks, can and should only be driven by desires of its own people, somewhat than being imposed on by external forces.

Along with disputing China’s hosting rights, the mainstream Western media also has aired many conspiracies about China’s intention for internet hosting the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Present of power? Self-interiority? Promoting China’s development path to switch the US mannequin? Bla, bla, bla….

All of us are humans and predictably we all want similar things in life on the end of the day. Splendid shows, inflated egos or embellished ideologies can’t substitute folks’s basic needs for meals, clothes, shelter and healthcare.

For hundreds of years, the Chinese language individuals have craved for a peaceable environment where they’ll deal with making a greater residing for themselves relatively than laboring for self-serving emperors or greedy foreign opium traders. They have been fairly successful previously three a long time and now they simply wanted to social gathering and rejoice with the world by way of Beijing Olympics. Is that so exhausting to know?

Why is the mainstream Western media so offended with China?

In his latest article “Are the Media Being too Mean to China?” revealed on, Prof. Tim Wu of Columbia University wrote that “China’s idea of what makes for a greater Olympics for international consumption-tightened safety and cleaning up marginal components-is exactly what makes Western reporters crazy.”

While Prof. Wu’s commentary solely touched on one of the floor signs that irritated the mainstream Western media, it does shed some mild on the present rigidity. What he described is actually a cultural distinction in how the Chinese language and the Western folks receive and entertain their guests. But the root of downside is the ethnocentric mindset of the Western reporters to the cultural differences and their entitlement that issues should only be achieved in their ways.

Similar examples are ample, whether it’s about alternative ways underneath which Chinese and Western athletes are skilled or about how they differ in holding their personal appearance or etiquettes. I am significantly disillusioned with Prof. Wu’s feedback that “China does not have the manners and charm of the richer international locations, even when it has increasing financial and political clout.”

Whereas making noises throughout eating is a taboo in many Western cultures, being openly confrontational in social interactions is a sin in many Asian cultures. These are simply cultural differences that should not be judged as superior or inferior, or we threat coming into the boundaries of cultural supremacy.

Sadly, it’s this boastful mindset that has led the mainstream Western media to evaluate China by its personal culturally biased requirements and self-centered expectations. It isn’t a surprise they drew the conclusion that China broke its guarantees for internet hosting Olympics, an allegation China has denied.

What followed was an irrational unleash of anger by the mainstream Western media towards China in an try and drive the nation into the route the Western media desired to see. The collective media assault on China, nonetheless, is extra based on self-pursuits and ethnocentrism, moderately than equity, objectivity and independence which the mainstream Western media usually preach.

Let he who is with out sin solid the first stone!

A latest concern of Newsweek carried an article, “Rise of the Sea Turtles”, that found “Westernized Chinese language individuals” are usually more resentful to the West. Although I wasn’t particularly impressed with its analysis of the root causes, the article does provide us with an excellent pointer to an rising pattern.

I can probably qualify as one of the “Westernized Chinese folks” the article was referring to, although I desire to establish myself as a Chinese American after changing into a naturalized US citizen for a few years.

I believe it is unfair and simplistic to conclude that the “Westernized Chinese language people” are more resentful to the West, as a result of the state of affairs is far extra complicated than portrayed. The resentments, in truth, are not the in direction of the West in its entirety however extra targeted on the double standard and intolerant attitudes often adopted by the mainstream Western media and Western governments towards China and other non-Western countries. “Westernized Chinese language folks” are typically elites who are educated within the West and their superior coaching and intellect make them independent thinkers. They are delicate in the direction of the hypocrisies of the mainstream Western media which scrutinizes China with one set requirements while closing its eyes to the same issues at house.

china marathon

No one individual or one country is ideal and the Bible tells us that everyone is a sinner. If we (Individuals) can allow ourselves make errors and accept skeletons in our personal closets, why ought to we dissect different nations below our tinted lenses and punish them for not satisfying the standards that even ourselves typically cannot meet?

We should pursue “constructive dialogues” slightly than countless “regime modifications” by using drive – mockingly each methods had been supported by President George W. Bush. I salute his newly-found knowledge which helped him attain a peaceable resolution with the North Koreans and hopefully the same can be accomplished with the Iranians.

If we desire international solidarity against terrorism, why is the mainstream Western media all the time so reluctant to sentence those who terrorize China? Learn its protection of current terrorist attacks in Xinjiang and you already know what I’m speaking about.

If the mainstream Western media needs to be the position model for its Chinese language peers, why does it conveniently distort details, use phony pictures and brush away people who have completely different opinions and deny their proper to have their voices heard? A Chinese language American confronted a CNN journalist just a few months in the past in LA when she and many different professional-China protestors were denied chances to be interviewed, the journalist responded harshly – “don’t tell me methods to do my enterprise!”

We train every citizen within the West to respect legal guidelines and rules, but the mainstream Western media participated in cheering the illegal protests and vandalism in Beijing.

Personally I had a painful expertise demonstrating on London streets in 1989. It was cold in that morning and I stepped out of the picketing line for a couple of minutes to get some desperately-needed sunshine. I used to be subsequently handcuffed by drive and arrested by the London police. When my petite wife disputed their motion, she was also handcuffed and arrested. We had been locked into separate cells for hours with no food and water, to not mention access to a phone and authorized advice. We had been solely launched after the demonstration organizer intervened and after being compelled to sign the British equal of confession statements.

If being out of the picket line for some sun is against the law that deserves to be handcuffed and thrown into jail in London, why ought to the Chinese language be criticized for expelling illegal protestors in Beijing who purposely climb lamp-posts, buildings and advertising billboards to show unauthorized banners?

Why ought to an American “pastor”, who proudly vandalized the 2 Beijing resort rooms and then cowardly sneaked away, be cheered as a “righteous protestor” by the mainstream Western media?

If a Chinese protestor goes to the 2012 London Olympics to protest in opposition to the British suppression of Northern Ireland and hang banners on the Large Ben – can he or she rely on the mainstream Western media for for a similar “heroic” coverage? Ought to we additionally query the proper of London for internet hosting Olympics and its dedication for press freedom if its police arrests the protestor?

Food for thought – “Do unto others what you want to do unto yourself” (Confucius) and “let he who’s with out sin solid the first stone!” (Jesus)

Is Western-styled press freedom what China wants?

A highly-revered US scholar as soon as instructed me that the Western media is based on the spirit of challenging authorities and it’s the media’s job to be cynical, vigilant, important, defiant and damaging.

I am a strong believer of the fundamental ideas on which the US political system is founded. Moreover many deserves of the system, media stands out as an indispensable component designed to oversee, on behalf of the public, the three branches of the federal government. That is virtually an ideal setup besides three potential flaws – firstly, there is no mechanism in place for the supervision of the media itself; secondly, there are serious conflicts of pursuits between the two contradictory roles of media each as a consultant of public interests and, on the identical time, as self-serving profit-making enterprises; and thirdly founding media on the idea of cynicism and negativity has its own social costs.

For media to fulfill its position to oversee the government, it needs to serve public pursuits, rather than its personal interests. It needs to be unbiased, objective and unbiased.

Nonetheless, it is effectively-known that the mainstream Western media has lengthy blended its function for public welfare with relentless pursuit of ego, energy and income. As the world enters the data age, the mainstream Western media has develop into a brand new rising superpower with ever-growing affect on home and worldwide politics, economy, social construction, worth methods and people’s on a regular basis life.

Does People really have as a lot freedom as the mainstream media would like us to imagine? As the mainstream Western media pursue freedoms in other nations, Individuals are shedding so many freedoms that when made them so proud.

Prior to now few decades, America has skilled a string of great challenges and setbacks including the breakdown of household/social structure and worth systems, falling non secular affect and freedom, widespread abuse and dependence of narcotics and pharmaceuticals, rising violence throughout the nation, escalating racial pressure and police brutality, widening hole between the rich and the poor, dropping customary of literacy and basic training, failing healthcare system that denies coverage of 23 million Individuals, and an inclination of resolving international disputes with “regime change” by navy drive fairly than diplomacy, violations of on constitutional civil and human rights beneath the quilt of anti-terrorism, to name just some.

Our children can no longer walk to the college bus by themselves for concern of drug pushers and baby snatchers on the best way. By the time they arrive in their colleges, steel detectors await for them in some interior city colleges. They have to leave their bags in lockers and no coloured drinks are allowed for fear of bombs. Their lecturers aren’t allowed to mention any faith or train morals in faculties. Even “Christmas bushes” must not be called “Christmas trees” however “household trees”. They must go through evacuation drills often to stay vigilant as a result of college shootings are spreading. Now individuals are much more scared as a result of a faculty district in Texas took the lead to permit academics carrying weapons to the classroom. But can we trust the lecturers? Do we’ve to outsource our teachers from India or China at some point?

As an American citizen, nothing is more worthwhile than my voting right. However even that has depreciated. Why? As a result of the mainstream media just isn’t doing its job of dissemination of objective info. As an alternative it confuses me with a constant stream of selectively edited, distorted and manipulated data with a view to advance its own preferences, agendas and commercial interests.

Let’s check out the contaminated media footage of presidential candidates. John Edwards is a spouse cheater, but that has been saved from the public until now; Hilliary is a liar who believes she is entitled to be the President and her husband Bill is hostile to the mainstream press; John McCain is a patriot but a war monger who is aware of nothing about financial system; and at last Obama, alas, is actually a celeb, radical of racial politics, Muslim (not that there is anything fallacious with it) and “Anti-Christ”! For God’s sake, cease harassing me with all this sensational speak designed to spice up ratings and I need to vote for Paris Hilton, but sadly she shouldn’t be on the ballot. So my pathetic one vote seems fairly useless, nicely, at the very least for now.

Moving back to matter of Beijing Olympics. A Western journalist was quick to level out his disagreement with the slogan, “One World One Dream”, which is supposed by the host nation to stress the commonalities all peoples share. However, this reporter chose to emphasise the totally different values he has from the Chinese language host.

High-quality, let’s talk concerning the variations. If the mainstream Western media can acknowledge that peoples on this earth are different and that there are vast variations between them within the geographic landscapes, population buildings, social-economic hierarchy, cultural values, beliefs, religions and ideologies, it shouldn’t be difficult to appreciate that their political, authorized and media methods additionally must differ from one another to accommodate for the precise needs of every nation. It’s dangerous to imagine the programs of the West are one way or the other superior which could be transplanted to other countries.

Does China want a Western-type media system? I doubt it. While elementary Western media ideas of cynicism, defiance, negativity and confrontation might or might not work effectively in the Western cultures, they most-positively will not achieve success within the Chinese language cultural atmosphere which values hierarchy, concord, benevolence and tolerance among people.

Nevertheless, it is the Chinese language individuals who should resolve eventually what political, financial and media methods are the ones they want. I’ve faith that with five thousand years of civilization, China has the knowledge to draw from the strengths of the West, avoid its fundamental flaws and in the end develop a optimistic-spirited media system with Chinese characteristics that’s constructed on the premise of upholding public welfare and pursuits. Our Facebook Page.